Embracing Technology for Roma Empowerment: MonjoNGingi’s Living History Project

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Embracing Technology for Roma Empowerment: MonjoNGingi’s Living History Project


At MonjoNGingi, we believe in turning innovative services like AI and VR into tangible realities that benefit communities. One exemplary project that showcases our commitment is the Living History Project, in collaboration with the Educational Organisation of Roma in Hamburg e.V. Our goal is to document places of historic significance for the Roma people, preserving their rich heritage and promoting understanding and inclusivity.

To achieve this, we have created a comprehensive Google Maps platform that pinpoints all known remembrance places. This interactive map allows individuals to explore and engage with these important sites, enhancing their understanding of Roma history. But we didn’t stop there.

Through VR.RomaEdu.org, we have taken the Living History Project to the next level. We have already documented two exhibitions and the remembrance places of Roma and Sinti in Hamburg, Kiel, and the central memorial in Berlin. Utilizing virtual reality technology, we transport users to these locations, providing an immersive experience that captures the significance of these places.

The best part? This opportunity is accessible to everyone. Our commitment to inclusivity led us to fully translate all information online into multiple languages, ensuring that individuals from all backgrounds can engage with the Living History Project. We believe that knowledge should know no bounds, and by sharing these stories in every language, we can foster a global community that values and respects Roma history and culture.

At MonjoNGingi, we’re proud to be at the forefront of leveraging technology for the greater good. Through the Living History Project, we preserve the past, break down barriers, and promote Roma empowerment. Together, let’s celebrate this incredible initiative and continue supporting endeavors that honor the heritage of the Roma community.

Discover the Living History Project today at VR.RomaEdu.org and embark on a journey that will deepen your understanding of the Roma people and their historic remembrance places. Join us as we harness the power of technology to bridge gaps, preserve stories, and create a more inclusive world for all.