Empowering the Roma Nation

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Empowering the Roma Nation


Monjo N Gingi is a pioneering IT and software company dedicated to empowering the Roma community through education and meaningful opportunities. Since 1989, our team of experts, many of whom are Roma themselves, has been engaged in consulting, teaching, project concepts, IT services, translating, and connecting with Roma communities. We are deeply committed to Roma empowerment and education, believing in the transformative potential of investing in the young Roma minds.

Education lies at the heart of Monjo N Gingi’s mission. We are passionate about providing comprehensive training and development programs tailored specifically to the needs of young Roma individuals. By equipping them with essential skills and knowledge in the IT and software industry, we aim to bridge the digital divide and empower them to excel in their professional careers.

Furthermore, Monjo N Gingi is committed to fostering a strong network of qualified teachers within the Roma community. We recognize the crucial role that educators play in shaping the future of Roma individuals and society as a whole. Through our teacher placement services, we connect passionate and skilled teachers with Roma schools and educational institutions, creating a nurturing learning environment and supporting the growth and success of the Roma community.

At Monjo N Gingi, we understand that true empowerment goes beyond education and employment. That is why we offer a comprehensive range of IT services, including consulting, innovative project concepts, IT solutions, and translation services. By providing these services, we facilitate effective communication, bridge language barriers, and connect our Roma experts with the broader world, thereby promoting understanding and collaboration.

Our team is comprised of dedicated professionals who are not only experienced in the IT and software industry but also deeply connected to Roma communities. We have established long-standing relationships with Roma organizations, social initiatives, and educational institutions, working collaboratively to address the challenges faced by the Roma community and create positive change.

By choosing Monjo N Gingi, you are not only benefiting from our expertise but also actively contributing to a greater cause. Your support enables us to invest in the minds of young Roma individuals, empowering them to overcome obstacles and reach their full potential. Together, we can create a future where Roma empowerment and education are central pillars of progress and inclusivity.

Join us at Monjo N Gingi as we continue to champion Roma empowerment and education, harnessing the power of technology to uplift communities and drive positive change. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of young Roma individuals, fostering a society that embraces diversity and provides equal opportunities for all.